Community Based Avoided Deforestation Project

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The objectives

. Promote forest and biodiversity conservation in a high deforestation risk region, but where well preserved and significant forest patches still remain;

. Contribute to sustain soil fertility, agricultural productivity, food security, and the livelihoods of local populations;

. Involve the main land use drivers in conservation activities that facilitate financial flows with positive feedbacks;

. Contribute to fulfill national development strategies that mainstream climate change into policy while supporting the nation’s international commitments to the UNFCCC.

Positive Impacts

In addition to the protection of the CITES listed Pterocarpus erinaceus, the reduction in deforestation contributes to maintain habitats of great ecological importance: e.g. those of five of the seven existing species of sea turtles; and those of Crocodylus niloticus; Hippopotamus amphibious; and Pan troglodytes verus.

Reduction of deforestation also contributes to sustain the supply of a range of essential services and goods for local communities. For example, in maintaining the production of oysters, crabs, shellfish or a steady supply of fuelwood.

Project Parameters:

Project Area (PA):

181,200 ha

Sectoral scope:

Scope 14: AFOLU


Project type:



Baseline period:

March 2002 – April 2011


Crediting period:

March 2011 – February 2031

The results:

Deforestation Rate (2011-2016):

Reduce from 0,9% (baseline) to 0,4%


Tons of Carbon per Stratum:

Terrestrial Forest – 190 tCO2/ha

Mangrove – 180 tCO2/ha



302 043 VCUs (2011-2016), around de $1 510 215


Participatory Rural Appraisal:

Forest degradation by fuelwood collection is residual - less than 10% of the sample


On-the-job capacity building:

14 Park Rangers received capacity building and participated in the fieldwork

Project Parameters:

The monitoring report is complete; the respective verification is almost finished; inclusion of the project in the VCS Program Project Database is on-going; registration of the project in a VCS Registry Operators will take place in early 2020.