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Rice Fields Rehabilitation Impact Assessment on Families’ Income in

Komo Sector, Guinea-Bissau



Within the scope of the flexible fund available from UE-ACTIVA project, the rehabilitation of 16 rice fields (bolanhas) in the Komo sector was proposed. After launching a contest, 15 rehabilitation rice fields (bolanhas) were selected and a study was carried out to identify the needs for intervention and recommendations for rehabilitation were given. There were two phases for the rehabilitation: Phase I - Seven (7) rice fields (bolanhas) were rehabilitated in 2017, and the remaining eight (8) were rehabilitated in 2018 – Phase II.


To assess the impact of the rice fields (bolanhas) rehabilitation on families’ income in Komo sector.



The methodological process was divided into three parts:


Main Results


Field Work and Capacity Building | 2018 - 2019

Two fieldwork campaigns took place in Komo, Guinea-Bissau, the first in June-July 2018 and the second in February-March 2019, in order to develop activities related to Data Collection by Target Group. Data was collected on the field using different approaches according to the different target groups and capacity building was provided to local technicians on that matter, using the following approaches:


  • Community leader (influential person) – Semi-structured interview

  • Rice fields and water management committees – Focus group

  • Beneficiaries (households) - Questionnaires

  • Rehabilitation technicians - Semi-structured interview

  • NGOs technicians - Semi-structured interview

  • Project proponent - Semi-structured interview

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