Quental e Melo

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Ana Leite



Brandão de Melo

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Catarina Lopes

Environmental Engineer


Lucien Le Page

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Joana Lima

Territorial Engineer

Inês Quental e Melo | Executive Board | Territorial Engineer


Portuguese Territorial Engineer with experience in spatial planning and management, environment and geographic information system (GIS). Expertise in carbon accounting and fieldwork experience in agroecological systems / rural communities in the tropics.


Project manager of RSeT since 2015 and Director since 2016.

Joana Brandão de Melo | Executive Board | Forester


Portuguese forester with working experience in tropical forests of Southern Africa (Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique) and South America (Brazil). PhD student at the School of Geography, University of Leeds (UK). Focus in tropical forests, tree diversity and carbon dynamics in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Attended COP19 as part of the delegation of Guinea-Bissau, and COP 21 in the Tropical Forest Group (ParisAgreement.org) Observer delegation.


Director and project manager of RSeT since 2011.

Yannick Lucien Le Page | Executive Board | Agronomist


Engineer and researcher in environmental sciences. 10 years experience in academic research (Portugal, U.S.A.) focusing in wildfire dynamics, land use change, and integrated assessment modeling. Now fully committed to applied projects for sustainable livelihoods, including 1/ Fire prevention strategies in Portugal, and 2/ Agricultural practices in sub-Saharan Africa.


Project manager of RSeT since 2016 and Director since 2017.

Ana Leite | Biologist


Portuguese Biologist with working experience in Remote Sensing and carbon accounting. Fieldwork experience in biomass measurements and with rural communities appraisal in tropical Africa (Angola and Guinea-Bissau).


Consultant at RSeT since 2016.

Catarina Lopes | Environmental Engineer


Portuguese environmental engineer with working experience in remote sensing and geographic information systems for mapping deforestation in tropical Africa. 


Consultant at RSeT since 2017.

Joana Lima | Territorial Engineer


Portuguese Territorial Engineer with experience in sustainability strategies through critical factors based on: stakeholder mapping and engagement, assessment methodology, strategic fit analysis and analysis of macro trends and international uncertainties. Expertise in SEA and SESA methodologies, design deployment system methodology, risk assessment of strategic options and development of monitoring and follow-up guidelines.

Currently developing the PhD thesis on strategic sustainable management through critical factors for corporate sustainable development, in Engineering and Management Program at Instituto Superior Técnico.


Invited consultant of RSeT since 2015